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Cakeshooters Cupcake Craze

Wow!  I just had to share this amazing new cupcake idea... Cakeshooters!

They look to be cake and frosting inside a push-up pop cylinder.  How awesome would that be to be able to walk around with your cake and not worry about crumbs or dropping it.  Amazing.

This would be perfect for a little one's birthday party.  You can even make special wrappers to go around them to personalize.  How fun would that be?

They are available in 6 different flavors and are about 3.00 each.  So fun! You can check them out here at Sprinkles Cakeshooters

Party Like A Rock Star Food Ideas

So, it's been a little harder than I thought to find Rock Star birthday party ideas.  I've been searching the web and just can't find anything that's not Hannah Montanna themed or girly themed.  Don't boys have rock star parties?

I did find some yummy food ideas while I was searching that I am going to have to incorporate into our party.  What do you think?

I thought these cupcakes baked into ice cream cone cups and decoarted like microphones were pretty cool.  I really like how they added the licorice cord to the bottom to look like a wire, but that might be a little much when giving to 10 year old boys.  I don't know.  M&Ms have the directions on these HERE.
I like Reason to Party's idea of adding some sparkle to the cupcakes with silver dragees.

I couldn't find anyone who had tried this and had pictures to share, but what about Rice Krispie treats cut and decorated into the shape of Ipods?  That would be a great treat.

I would think have Rock stick candy or Pop Rocks is a definite must also!  What kind of treats would you suggest?  Any ideas?

Rock Star Birthday Party

I love Fall.  I love the cool, crisp weather.  I love the changing of the leaves.  I love the colors.  I love Back to School time.  I love the thought of the coming holidays.  I love that it is cool enough to bake again.  There are so many things to love...

It's also my kids birthdays.  I don't know how I managed it, but all of my kids were born within 5 months time...and 3 of them were born within a month of each other.

It can get a bit hectic around here.  My idea was to originally let them have a birthday party every other year, so I only had to worry about 2 a year.  Since moving here, I haven't been very good at that.   We haven't had "real" birthday parties in 4 years.  It's not that I didn't want to, but the fall can be a VERY busy time of year.

So I've been trying to plan ahead and begin preparing for parties so I can be sure I'm on top of everything and can actually be a "good" mom this year.  I've started thinking of ideas for my soon-to-be 10 year old's party since he's first in line.

He loves music.  He loves video games.  He is a typical gamer-skater boy.  So I thought I rock star party would be awesome for him. 

In searching the net for a rock star party, I found this great one by Lei of My Many Colored Days.  Her party was for her 11 year old daughter, so I'm not sure I can copy ALL of the ideas...but I love the decorating and will have to look at tweaking it a little for boys.

Check it out HERE.

Look at these fun invitations.  I think I have some ticket stub designs somewhere in my repertoire and will have to definitely include them!

How about this great walkway?  I love how the guests names are on the stars.  Very clever.

The "bouncer" was even complete with a VIP list with all the guest's names on an Elite clipboard.  Talk about making it real!

Each guest got to make an Autograph book and each of the stars got to sign it for a fun take home favor.

Keeping with the theme, the party favors were rock star approved.

And from a Mom's point of clever is this sign to make sure the guests stay in the approved area?  I Love it!

Be sure to check out Lei's post for more great ideas, including her play list!

Raggedy Ann Birthday Party

I recently was asked to work on some ideas for a Raggedy Ann Birthday party.  How much cuter of a birthday idea can you get?  I just love the soft blue and red colors.  They just seem so soft for a sweet little girl to celebrate with.

Upon searching for party ideas on the web, I found there really was only one party that everyone seemed to go with...One Charming Party's Raggedy Ann Birthday Party

I LOVE this banner.  You could really take any patterned paper in the blue and red colors to form any words.  How cute would it be with gingham paper? You could spell "Jane's 1st Birthday" or "Happy Birthday" or even as One Charming Party did and write "Raggedy Ann" to go with the theme.

Isn't this the cutest idea to serve Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches at your party?  It's just patterned paper wrapped around a crustless, square sandwich.  I think I'm going to steal this idea for my son't parties coming this fall.  Yummy and functional!

What kid doesn't LOVE sugar cookies?  And with extra frosting? YUM! (I may have to make some of these for my kids' lunches or Cookie Friday.)  How quick and easy would they be?  A simple heart cookie with white frosting and some writable frosting? 

This is my favorite part of the party.  I love the way this sucker tree was made.  I've been trying to figure out how to make a good tree if you don't have the necessary woodworking skills. (To my disapointment, I don't.  My dear hubby won't let me near a sharp tool with my track history.)  I recently made one from styrofoam and plastic canvas, but I like this WAY better.  I'm definitly going to go add these to my parties and displays.  Even better, you can find Martha Stewart's easy directions HERE.

In searching for other Raggedy Ann Party Ideas, I found these great ideas.

How cute are these cupcakes from Cupcakes Take The Cake?  They shouldn't be TOO hard to copy, expecially if you just copied the color schemed.  And how cute would it to be to use a cute patterned paper cupcake liner?  (Definitly may have to look into adding some of those to our store!)

I have absolutely NO decorating skills, but look at this AMAZING cake from the Pink Cake Box!

There certainly are some fun ideas out there for a GREAT party.  If you just stick to your color scheme with a few sweet party accents in your Raggedy Ann theme, you're party should be AMAZING too!

An Apple A Day

Yesterday, all 4 of my kids went to school.  This is a big DEAL at my house.  This will be the first time they will ALL be gone ALL day.  I'm torn.  I love my kids, and for the most part, love to be with them, but I admit I've been super excited for weeks at the thought of having 7 hours a day to finally get things accomplished (and have them stay DONE.) 

So yesterday was DAY 1 of the school year.  I just imagined all the things I would get done.  My house would get cleaned.  I would have the laundry finally done.  I would be able to get my craft room organized.  I would start on the HUGE list of things needed done before my craft show season starts in 2 weeks...

As those of you who are stay-home moms know, things NEVER go as planned.  I got almost nothing accomplished.  Where did the day go?  I have no idea.

So when it came time to make the amazing Back to School dinner I had planned for my kids, it wasn't that amazing.  But I think it's sometimes the small things that make the BIG impressions.  So I had to share my Back to School Apples.

I chose green apples to make these from so they would stand out from the red background on my table and the tags.

Then to make these, I punched out a red flower tag background from cardstock and a 1 7/8 flower punch that I have. Using some fun EDUCATIONAL quotes from around the web, I typed and printed them out on white cardstock to fit inside a 1 1/2 inch circle punch.

After gluing the quote to the front of the flower tag, I glued them to a toothpick.  Then, easy enough, I stuck the topper inside the apple and put it in the center of the plate. 

Turned out SUPER cute.  It was FAST and EASY.  And I think my kids were excited to have a SPECIAL dinner to tell me all about our time spent apart.  Maybe tomorrow I'll actually have something to tell them about MY day.

A Floral Football?

So I have to admit, I'm not REALLY sure that flowers and football really go together.  At least, traditionally, I'm not sure I would have put them together for a party. 

But after seeing these amazing Floral Arrangements by Julie Mulligan I may just be a beleiver.  You'll have to check them out HERE for full directions.

Are you ready for some football?

Have a great Football party with these great decorations, invitaitons, gifts, and favors from some amazing Etsy sellers HERE.

Football Player Invites by mrbeancakes
Football Helmet Candy Box Set by Alloccasionsbykim
Football Team Gum Heads by KimsKandyKreations
Chocolate Football Soap by LoveLeeSoaps
Football Thank You by Autumnleah
Dad's Favorite Player by crystalizeddesigns
Football/Sports Theme Totes by PersonalizedMom
Tailgating Team Banner by madebylisah
Superbowl Football Cupcake Wrappers by triciatrisha69

Texas Football Proud

Texans are all about football.  We drink football.  We eat football.  We play football.  So, I think ALL Texans would be truly proud fo this University of Texas 1st Birthday Party shared on P is for Party's blog HERE.

Football Season is So Sweet!

Football season has "offically" started in our household.  We've been ferrying our son back and forth to practice for a few weeks, but this weekend was our "Jamboree" with Team pictures and scrimages with the other BIG teams.

To celebrate (and get myself ready for the football favor rush), we are having a Football Party this week. 

I'm starting with some awesome pictures and instructions from Hostess with the Mostess.  Check out more Awesome cupcakes and the detailed instructions HERE

I ABSOLUTELY love Bakerella's football cupcakes.  See them and the directions HERE.  The numbers on the "field" are just so clever!

These Grid Iron Cupcakes from The Party Works are GREAT because you can change the color of the helmet to match your team or school colors.  So clever.  Check out the directions HERE

And what about these cupcakes sleeves to make your cupcakes look like ACTUAL helmets.  How awesome is that?  Check them out on All Things Cupcake HERE

Wow!  I have to go make some cupcakes now!

Printing a Back to School Extravaganza

While searching the web this week, I found some really cute Back to School printables that I just had to share.  Check these cuties out!

Free Printable Cupcake Wrapper & Topper
Paperglitter shared this amazing wrapper and topper to make your cupcakes amazing for the first day of school, the big party, or even a day when you take the treats to your kids' class.  Go HERE to download this sweet freebie.

After School Convo Cards

My boys are VERY talkative and don't need much to get them started on telling about their day at school, but if you're kids aren't quite so willing to share....these After School Convo cards may be just the ticket for you.  The Crafting Chicks (check them out--they are AWESOME) has shared their free printables HERE for you to stick in your kids' lunch or with their after-school snack.  They'll be sharing their awnsers in no time!

Kid's Morning Routine Free Printables

My boys have a hard time getting going in the morning and making sure everything is ready to go...even when they have ALL morning to do it in.  This summer has been particularly hard for us to get motivated.  I'm a little worried about how I'm going to get all of them out the door on time with everything done.  Well, Living Locurto has some great printables HERE to help your kids remember everything that needs to be done!

Printable Pretzel Crayon Labels

I can't NOT share these adorable labels for chocolate dipped pretzels from Gourmet Mom on the Go.  I love how cute these are.  Just print THESE crayon printables on colored cardstock and wrap around your favorite chocolate (in appropriate colored chocolate--of course!) dipped pretzel and you have won Mom of the Year!  So very clever!!

Back to School Family Home Evening

And for my fellow LDS moms, HERE's a "Popping" Back to School FHE from "Shauna" via Sugardoodle.  We always have our Father's blessing night as our big FHE activity before school, but this looks like it would be a fun activity to do before or after. 

Thanks to all these GREAT sites and friends who share such amazing printables to make the rest of our lives so much EASIER!  You guys are awesome.

Back to School Dinner

Not all parties need to be huge and for friends.  I love this Back To School Dinner Posh Tot Events did for her daughter's first day of kindergarten.  It's fun, special, and not over the top for a quiet night at home to celebrate a huge milestone.  You could probably use alot of the items from your back to school shopping sprees as decorations--so very little expense too!

We may have to try this to celebrate back to school in a few weeks!  Check it out HERE.

Gotta Go Back..Back..Back to School...Again

This time of year always makes me cheer.  It's time for the kids to go back to school.  I imagine all the movies I've seen where the kids are singing and going back to school--Grease 2 is always my favorite with all the kids dancing and singing as they go in the school doors.  I can only imagine that their moms are doing the same thing at home in their quiet, clean houses.  So I feel like breaking out in song as I start this week's party theme--BACK TO SCHOOL.

I wanted to start with this great party from Party Planning Mom.  She made it a Back to School Bunco party, and while I've never played Bunco before...I LOVE her details and ideas so I had to share.  Make sure you check out her blog for some great party ideas.