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Monopoly Game Night Serving Dishes

You guys should know by now, that with a new party theme, comes new DIY plates.  For our Hasbro Game Night party, we needed a fun way to serve up the many treats we would be snacking on during the game playing.

What better way than with Monopoly themed serving dishes?

In some ways, these plates were pretty easy to do.  In others, they were a little more complicated than anything I've tried before.

I started out by making myself a template of the Free Parking, Chance, and Reading Railroad designs.  I grabbed the pictures off the internet, added them to my favorite design program and printed them onto card stock.

Then I cut them out and used them as a stencil for each of these plate designs.

The Free Parking plate was a little more difficult since I had the insert pieces in the template.  I thought about cutting out the tire and back window, but was feeling pretty lazy, so I just free handed it.

Then I colored in the question mark, the train, and the car with Sharpie brand markers.  On the Boardwalk and Indiana Avenue plates, I colored the top 1/4 of the plate in a block pattern.  (I did learn the hard way, that it is important to ONLY use Sharpie brand!)

When I was done, I outlined everything in black Sharpie to give it that chunky outline look that Monopoly has.  Then I added the wording to match each of the Monopoly tiles.  It took me a while to get this right, and I'm still not totally fond of my handwriting, but after redoing it several times, I just went with it.

If you find that you mess up too, I learned a pretty cool trick.  Color over your mistake with a dry erase marker and then erase it.  It will erase the Sharpie too!  Pretty useful to know!

When you are all satisfied, bake the plates for 350 degrees for 30 minutes to set the ink.
Now serve up some yummy treats for a great game night party!


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