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3 Fun Family Party Ideas and Dare to Share Saturday

Wow.  I'm glad that was a short week because I am ready for the weekend!

Dear Hubby and I have been married for almost 22 years now and in that time, I can count the number of times that we've had the house to ourselves on NO hands.  It's never happened.  The kids have always been around and while I love that, I look forward to a few quite moments when it's just the hubby and I.

We try and make it Date night at least every other week.  It doesn't always happen, especially during sport's seasons, but I think it's super important to put alone time with your spouse on your to do list as often as possible.

But this weekend our two youngest are headed to go camping with their Scout Troup.  I never though this day would happen, but Dear Hubby and I have the house to ourselves tonight.  We can go out and not worry that the kids will kill each other while we are gone or that we'll get that dreaded "I'm hurt" call (yes, it has happened.  I never did see the end of Batman thanks to 12 stitches.)

So tonight we'll be partying it up and having a good time just the two of us.  I just need to figure out what we are going to do.  I want to make it special since we won't be on a time crunch, so I've been scouring the town trying to find something fun to do.

Or maybe we'll just stay in and play some games or Netflix and Chill.  I'm tempted to purchase this Ultimate Intimacy Pack from the Dating Divas.  I love their date night ideas and think it would be fun to try this.

I hope you get to enjoy the weekend too!  If you are looking for some fun family time, check out these 3 great party ideas from last week's Dare to Share Saturday.

How to Host a Killer Kabob Party by The Perfect Storm

Game Night with Kids at Sandy a la Mode

Pokémon Birthday Party by Bombshell Bling

Did you do anything fun this week or are you going to be doing anything fun this weekend?  I can't wait to see what you were up to!

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